FREE RADICALS: youth and health killers

Are you a smoker? Are you a sunbather? Do you have an irregular diet? Are you overweight? Are you into intense sports activities? Are you currently on the pill or postmenopausal therapies?

You are at risk for oxidative stress!

Free radicals are a threat to our integrity. Our body defends against oxidative stress through an antioxidant system thanks to self-produced substances and food-derived vitamins.

This system keeps a balance between our risk factors and our protective factors. 

Whenever a balance cannot be maintained oxidative stress occurs and it will eventually lead to biological damage due to free radicals attacking cells. This causes loss of biological function and, therefore, of your health.

Your antioxidant system carries out its activity and prevents free radicals formation or even neutralizes them, however if you find yourself in the aforementioned categories equilibrium may be naturally hard to achieve.

These series of events also cause

the skin to age prematurely

along with sagging and wrinkle formation.

In case of high grade oxidative stress, local treatments and cosmetic products, even if with antioxidant vitamins, will be insufficient and will lead to unsatisfying results. It is therefore important to acknowledge your level of free radicals so that we can offer you the more appropriate treatments.


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