Safety of Botulinum Toxin

this drug has been used since the 1980s in certain fields of medicine. Its use in cosmetic medicine has been approved more than 10 years ago

Like all drugs it needs continuous regulations and controls from the dedicated National institutions. In Italy this task is accomplished by the Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (AIFA- Italian Medicines Agency).

Extensive scientific literature and the people who have experienced fully satisfying results confirm that there are no risks related to the use of botulinum, provided that instructions on dose and method of injection are being followed as recommended by the manufacturing company.

Overdosing can be dangerous for all drugs, but safety of botulinum is very high compared to commonly used drugs. In order to have a harmful effect the amount should be 50 times the routinely injected dose.

Insulin for the treatment of diabetes is harmful if taken at a triple dose. Lidocaine, a very common anaesthetic used in dentistry for instance, can have adverse effects at only 5 times the therapeutical dose. Therefore wrong doses of two very widespread drugs that are commonly used can be far more dangerous compared to botulinum.

Every effect that comes with this drug is temporary and fully reversible within a few months, depending on the different areas and doses.



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