Genetic tests and aging

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Our DNA stores the information concerning our “healthy well-being”: health comes from the combination between DNA (our structure) and the environment (our lifestyle, diet habits and physical activity).

Genomics analyzes genetic factors that may affect our well-being.

Genomic (or genetic) tests are designed to reduce or prevent the occurrence of major diseases and to maintain psychophysical status.

Test results are obtained thanks to standardized laboratory technology and are internationally accepted as scientifically correct: tests are done once in a lifetime (according to nowadays scientific knowledge)

The results DO NOT predict or imply that there currently is a disease, however they offer valuable details concerning the person’s susceptibility toward the environment. 

Positivity only highlights a genetic predisposition and this may imply an increased risk compared to the general population. Results always have to be evaluated by the Physician who will take into consideration family and personal medical history, lifestyle, diet habits and environmental influence.

Scientific research still has not identified what part of a given gene helps the development of a chronic disease, which is by definition the result of multiple genetic transformations acting together.

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Excerpt from

Associazione Medici Italiani Anti-aging


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